Does the orchestra engage in social events outside of music?

Yes, the TLC plans parties and events that range from going to concerts, to pizza parties, beach parties and cosmic bowling. Being a member of MSLMYSO is being part of a team and also knowing that you are surrounded by friendships, many that will last a lifetime.

What is TLC – Teen Leadership Club – and how do I become a member?

All MSLMSYO members are automatically members of TLC. The orchestra plans social events and act as leaders between the orchestra and the conductor throughout the year. They are also apprised of upcoming opportunities – music, scholarships, resume writing, audition techniques, interviewing skills at specific meetings. Meetings are held on the first YSO rehearsal day of each month immediately after the rehearsal. Meetings are only 30 minutes in length.

What is the MSLMYSO Guild and who are the members?

The MSLM Guild is comprised of individuals and businesses that support music and music education in our community. They are the sponsors and donors that make it possible for us to keep our tuition low and keep the music playing. Guild members are listed in our programs and on our website in a place of honor.

How hard will the music be?

All students who are accepted will be capable of performing all of the music that we perform. The music will be fun and a few pieces a bit challenging. We use the system of music to glow about and music to grow with. You will be surprised how much music and the wide range of styles and levels you will be able to accomplish successfully over the course of a concert season.