June 4th – Diamond Jubilee – Buckingham Palace Concert and MSLM Party

Another day filled with glorious surprises. Mark and I took the train into Central London and went on a tour of Westminster Abbey. There truly are no words to describe the sensation of walking through history and imagining events from years gone by. We walked along the banks of the Thames, taking photos along the way – Parliament – The London Eye – statue of Winston Churchill and on to the Tower of London. We met up with our son, Joshua and went to for a traditional British lunch of fish and chips with vinegar. Yum.

The other musicians went their own ways to museums, plays, concerts and the like. Free days are always filled with wonder.

Finally – with 20,000 people crowding the mall to Buckingham Palace – The Diamond Jubilee BBC Concert – Sir Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Sir Elton John and so much more. . .fireworks, unbelievable effects, flags waving, people singing and dancing and then the Royal family. The clouds parted, the sun shone through and although brisk, the night was perfect. MSLMCO had a party in a private room of our hotel (Croydon Park Hotel) in a celebration that was without question a blast and a half! We had an array of foods that included lobster tails to smoked salmon to grilled meats to vegetarian curry to salads of every kind and a dessert table that would tempt even the most finicky eater. Our tour managers, John and Catherine and Julien Schulthess from United World Concert Tours outdid themselves and we are most grateful. As we watched the Queen light the Jubilee beacon, we all sang “God Save the Queen.”

As an orchestral conductor, I am humbly grateful to the wonderful musicians who have performed so brilliantly under my baton. They represented the music and our country with grace, professionalism, musicality and enthusiasm. We are all grateful to our anonymous benefactor who made this possible. (If you are reading this, know that you hold a very special place in our hearts and have made a huge positive impact in all of our lives.)

As Americans, we are all deeply proud to be representing our nation and our town as unofficial ambassadors of goodwill. We have all behaved in a manner that would make you proud to call us your own.

Tomorrow we (MSLMCO) are heading for Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Carriage procession and hopefully find great viewing.

As you may have heard, Prince Phillip was taken to the hospital this day with a bladder infection. We all pray for his speedy and complete recovery.

If you or if you know someone who would like to sponsor one or more concerts when we get home, please have them contact me. This orchestra is world class and should be heard at home, as well as abroad. Go to the bottom of our homepage and click on “PRESS” to view newspaper articles with photos and honors bestowed upon Musique Sur La Mer.

Thank you so much.

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