June 5, 2012 – Queen’s Carriage Procession – Buckingham Palace – Fly Over

Today is the final day of the Musique Sur La Mer Chamber Orchestra Diamond Jubilee Concert Tour. Tomorrow most of the musicians will return home to the USA, while others have extended their stay and will travel to various destinations – France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain or Ireland.

Today we took the train into Central London, found our place in the parade route a block from Westminster Abbey, Parliament and Big Ben. With flags in hand ready to wave at a moment’s notice we waited in anticipation of getting another glimpse of the Queen. We were not disappointed. The overt love of their monarch and pride in their country is admirable. When the Queen, with other members of the Royal family stood on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, red bunting draped with gold trim along the banister, one was reminded that iconic figures who represent their constituency have the power to lead by example. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is such a leader. Her charitable works and unflinching loyalty and commitment to duty is admirable. The fly over was breath-taking.

Speaking as an American, monarchy is something a bit foreign, out of a history book or fairytale. So why did we, an American ensemble of musicians cross the great pond to bear witness, celebrate and offer our services to help the people of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth? We support all freedom loving people, the alliance between the U.S. and the United Kingdom is solid, we had something to offer with our music that could benefit a multitude (and we love a good party.) Let’s face it, no one does pageantry like the British.

Today was filled with patriotism, joy, pride, rain (that could not dampen the spirit), and lots of shopping.

This MUST continue. We want to show our pride as Americans. We want to benefit others. We can do this with our music. We need your help. Contact me if you would like to sponsor a concert.

More to come!

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