A Glorious Night! BRAVO MUSIQUE!

It’s 2:46 AM on Sunday and I am finally getting ready for bed. What a day and evening. It was a gray and rainy day in London and appeared as the backdrop for a 1940’s movie. We arrived at the Royal College of Music (RCM) at 1 PM, set up, had a sound check and then rehearsed until 5 PM Once everyone settled down we accomplished a great deal. Between 5 PM and 7 PM we were having our hair and make-up done by a wonderful team of stylists who came to the RCM to help us get ready for the big concert. Hair, make-up, music ready – we were primed to go.

7:30 PM on the button Mark and I climbed the stairs to the stage to be greeted by the orchestra and a full house!!!!

Mark was magnificent as he read the script to the totally enraptured crowd. Trumpet fanfare then the first piece of music – “Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian” – truly magnificent. The program continued with jazz, classical, a bit of Baroque and so much more. Linda Muggeridge was outstanding, performing the Marcello “Oboe Concerto in d minor”. A true high point (among the many showstoppers of the evening) was the “Suite for Strings” by John Rutter. It was exquisitely performed. Leslie Lewis singing “At Last” and “I Will Always Love You”, inspired a standing ovation. By the time we played “Land of Hope and Glory” the entire audience was on their feet, singing and waving flags. We were invited on stage for many curtain calls and performed an encore of “O Lady Be Good” with solos performed by Mari Haig and Marcy Vaj (violins), Toby Coles (trumpet), James Knight (tenor saxophone) and Leslie Lewis (vocals). The entire evening was truly glorious.

We raised a ton on $$$ for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Trust and solidified our place in history (albeit a footnote.)

After the concert we celebrated at a local restaurant and then back to our hotel as a gentle rain continued its steady stream. It was a magnificent night. I will share videos on our website and on Youtube within a couple of weeks.

Bravo – Musique Sur La Mer Chamber Orchestra – Bravo, Mark Sudock and thank you to all of you for your support and well wishes.

In a few short hours we will be on our way to the Chelsea Bridge (rain or shine) to watch the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Floatilla Pageant with more than 1,000 barges on the Thames headed by Her Majesty on the royal barge. The adventure continues . . .

Musique Sur La Mer Chamber Orchestra Arrives in London June 1, 2012

♫♥♪♥♫ June is busting our all over . . .The Musique Sur La Mer Chamber Orchestra, a cadre of some of the best musicians from Los Angeles and Orange County, California, Oregon, Northern California and Nevada converged on Los Angeles International Airport yesterday afternoon. Excitement and anticipation filled the air as we awaiting our Air New Zealand flight that would whisk us away from the USA to the UK.
4 PM and we boarded our flight. Thank you Terry from Air new Zealand for your gracious hospitality in the lounge and for your escort to our flight.
The flight itself was surprisingly comfortable, relatively spacious for economy and the food was great. Many read or watched a movie or two (or three.) Me? I slept most of the flight. After the work it took to get to this moment I took advantage of the ten hour flight to catch up on a bit of rest.
It was thrilling to be awakened on board the 777 jet by the captain welcoming “The Musique Sur La Mer Chamber Orhestra who will be performing at the Royal College of Music on Saturday evening in honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.” That announcement was met with applause from all passengers and flight crew. Wow!
Customs was a breeze. We met our tour guide, Janet, and our tour managers, Catherine Schulthess and Julien Petite. (John Schulthess will join us later.) We boarded our motorcoach and then we were off to Covent Garden to stretch our legs, grab a bite for lunch and do a bit of shopping. All of the UK is filled with a palpable electricity. Banners congratulating Her Majesty hang from most buildings. This is going to be spectacular.
We arrived at our accommodations, The Croydon Park Hotel. The hotel is lovely and very conveniently located to a shopping district and only a block away to the Underground Train Station. Getting into Central London by train will only take about 20 minutes. This evening we enjoyed a marvelous welcome buffet dinner at the hotel and have adjourned to our rooms to get a good night’s rest.
Tomorrow is the BIG DAY – rehearsal and our concert at the Royal College of Music. ♫♥♪♥♫
Cheerio – More to come!
Marcy Sudock – conductor