About the Youth Orchestras

Youth Symphony

Youth Symphony

About the Youth Symphony Orchestra

The Musique Sur La Mer Youth Symphony Orchestra (MSLMYSO) was founded in 2001 by Maestro Sudock. MSLMYSO is for intermediate – advanced musicians ages 12-25. Membership to MSLMYSO is by audition only. Our orchestra includes: violins, violas, cellos, contrabasses, flutes, oboes, Bb clarinets, bass clarinets, bassoons, saxophones, French horns, trumpets, trombones, tuba, all percussion, piano, and harp.

Performance in New Zealand

Where We Have Been

MSLMYSO travels the globe, performing in the world’s most prestigious concert venues, as well as donating concerts to schools and hospitals. MSLMYSO hosts youth orchestras from around the world. In an effort to bridge the musical divide and expand cultural awareness, MSLMYSO expands its repertoire to include non-western music.
Since their inaugural year they have performed in the following venues and countries:
• France (Nice and Cannes)
• Principality of Monaco – Royal Cathedral of Monaco
• Australia (Sydney) – Sydney Opera House
• Czech Republic (Podebrady and Prague)
• Austria (Vienna) – The Musikverien – Saal – Golden Hall
• Austria (Salzburg) – Mozarteum, Salzburg Cathedral, University, Mirabel Gardens
• England (London) – Royal College of Music
• New Zealand (Auckland, Christchurch Cathedral and Hastings)
• Costa Rica – Teatro Nacional

Performing at Disneyland, February 2011

Concerts & Performances

MSLMYSO performs three to six concerts locally each concert season, including:
• Holiday Concert Musique Sur La Mer-ry
• Celtic Spring Fling
• Gala Benefit Concert
• plus a variety of concerts locally and bi-annually on tour.

MSLMYSO sponsors an annual solo competition showcasing rising musical stars, an annual solo and ensemble festival and their annual Gala Benefit Concert.

What Makes Us Different

Musique Sur La Mer Youth Symphony Orchestra and Honors Chamber Orchestra is unique. MSLMYSO is open to a broad range of students. MSLMYSO reaches out both locally and globally. Music, Ethics, Community ServiceMSLMYSO empowers its musicians to go forward as upstanding citizens. Many of the MSLMYSO alumni have earned attendance into some of the nation’s most prestigious universities including – Yale, USC, UCLA, Pepperdine, Stanford, Pomona College, UCSD, UCSC, UCSB and more plus Juilliard, Berklee, and Eastman Schools of Music, to name but a few!

Music is the vehicle – Musique Sur La Mer is the path.

La Petite Musique Training Orchestra

Musicians as young as 7 years old and as old as 16 years old have the opportunity to join La Petite Musique Training Orchestra (LPMO). Open to all instruments and all students with a minimum of one year of study on their instrument, this orchestra serves as both a first orchestral experience for young musicians and a training orchestra for Musique Sur La Mer Youth Symphony Orchestra.

La Petite Musique

  • Membership in LPMO is open to all children. There will be a simple placement audition to ensure that the young musician is appropriately placed within the ensemble.
  • Musicians learn how to follow a conductor, how to mark their music, how to listen and perform within an orchestral ensemble.
  • LPMO performs it’s own concert series as well as on select MSLMYSO concerts.
  • When appropriate and recommended by the conductor, members will be auditioned for MSLMYSO* within the orchestra. It makes for a very safe and easy transition as their skills and musicality continues to be nurtured forward.

*Membership in LPMO does not guarantee future membership into MSLMYSO.

Download LPMO Flyer >>

La Petite Musique Flyer

Honors Chamber & Jazz Orchestra

Honors Chamber Orchestra

About the Honors Chamber Orchestra

Within the symphony, is the elite ensemble of our most experienced string players (violins, violas, cellos, contrabass) plus piano and percussion, known as the Musique Sur La Mer Honors Chamber Orchestra (MSLMHCO).

MSLMHCO performs both a separate concert series plus performs showcase pieces at MSLMYSO concerts. The repertoire of this ensemble includes Baroque, Classical and more contemporary works.

MSLMHCO membership is by invitation only. Members must be concurrently enrolled in MSLMYSO.

Honors Jazz

About the Jazz Orchestra

Our most unique ensemble, the Musique Sur La Mer Jazz Orchestra (MSLMJO) is a delightful combination of strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion. The music ranges from the American songbook to Latin jazz, swing, country, pop, alternative and rock.

MSLMJO is an exciting and unusual blend of styles and instrumentation. Membership in MSLMJO is by invitation only. Members must be currently enrolled in MSLMYSO.

MSLMJO performs their own concert series and is featured in MSLMYSO concerts when appropriate.

Youth Ensembles

Youth Chamber Ensemble
Within the Musique Sur la Mer Youth Symphony are a variety of youth ensembles that are coached by Maestro Marcy Sudock. These are ensembles are available for church/synagogue services and shorter performances. They also perform at nursing homes, schools, assisted living facilities and other locations for those unable to attend concerts.

Contact us at info@mslmorchestra.com or call 562-480-1344 for pricing and availability.