Musique Sur La Mer Guild

Musique Sur La Mer Orchestras invites you to partner with us by becoming an MSLMO Guild Member. Your donations make you a valued member of our musical ensemble of cherished patrons. As an MSLMO Guild member you will be the first to know about upcoming concerts, programs, and exclusive MSLMO Guild member events. Your partnership in the MSLMO Guild provides scholarships, both merit and need based, for children and teens in the MSLM Youth Programs. These programs include lessons, ensembles, orchestras, camp. Instruments, concerts, sheet music, orchestral scores, musical supplies, office supplies, and events that come directly from your generous donations.

Your donation is fully tax deductible and will go a long way in helping to develop not only great musicians, but leadership development that will serve humanity. Ethics, Integrity, Education, Inclusion, Diversity, Compassion, Community Service, and Great Music are the hallmarks of Musique Sur La Mer Orchestras since 2000. Thank you.

Maestros Legacy Circle:

Name Price
Diamond $50,000 +
Ruby $30,000 +
Sapphire $20,000 +
Emerald $10,000 +
Patron $5,000 +
Standing Ovation $2,500 +
Encore $1,000 +
Bravo $500+

Musique Appreciation:

Name Price
Applause $250 +
Musique Lover $50 +
Rehearsal Level $1+

Maestros Legacy Circle Benefits:

  • Listing on the website. Please submit your high resolution jpeg or png
    logo if you would like that displayed on our website.
  • ALL Maestro’s Legacy Level Listing on all printed MSLM programs
  • Diamond Level: Full Page Color Ad in our Season Finale’ or Gala Program
  • Emerald: Half Page Color Ad in our Season Finale’ or Gala Program
  • Patron: Half Page B/W Ad in our Season Finale’ or Gala Program
  • Standing Ovation & Bravo: Quarter Page B/W Ad in our Season Finale’ or Gala Program
  • Maestros Legacy Level Award presentation at our Gala or Season Finale’ Concert
  • Exclusive Invitation to Maestros Legacy Circle Guild Events
  • 10% off all MSLMO logo items (tees, sweats, totes, mugs, etc.)

Musique Appreciation Benefits:

  • Musique Appreciation Level Listing on all printed MSLM programs
  • Applause Level: 10% off all MSLMO logo items (tees, sweats, totes, mugs, etc.)


If you do not see your name listed, it must be time to Join or Renew your membership! Membership is cumulative! Each donation brings you closer to a higher level of membership and and helps Musique Sur La Mer Orchestras continue to fulfill their purpose - “to empower musicians, create peace through the international language of music and community service, working hand-in-hand with strong ethics, responsibility, musicality, education, passion and commitment.”

Maestros Legacy Circle:

Diamond: $50,000 +

  • Mark and Marcy Sudock
  • RuMBa Foundation
  • Gary and Julie Landis

Ruby: $30,000 +

  • Maxine and Steve Tomashefsky and Susan and Larry Tichauer

Sapphire: $20,000 +

  • Dennis Poulsen

Emerald: $10,000 +

  • John and Mary Tu Foundation
    Shoreline Village Management - in-kind
    Reidel Post - Rebel Resolutions - in-kind

Patron $5,000 +

  • California Arts Council
    Melinda Elmer and Christy Westphal - Century 21 Masters
    Rich and Denise Kozak - RichBrands
    Park Bixby Tower Inc., Long Beach
    Kiwanis International, Long Beach
  • Matt Post - SEM Dynamics - in-kind
  • Tonia Liao - Allegro International

Standing: Ovation $2,500 +

  • Desiree Vavak - North American Mortgage
    New York Life
    Morey’s Music Store, Lakewood, CA
    Dr. Candace Davis, D.C. - Chiromed Healing Center, Long Beach
    Steve and Jennifer Kerr
    Dr. And Mrs. Nirav and Patti Patel
    Don French - Spirit Productions - in-kind
    Coralie Prince

Encore: $1,000 +

  • David Reed
    Karen Linkletter
    Carol Heit
    Ruby Chen
    Zoe Kreintenberg - In-kind
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Yuan- Giordana, The Yuan-Goirdano Family
    Jeanne Manthey - in-kind
    Christine Nakamura
    Diana and Sixto Garcia
    Drs. Dan and Lorraine Urbina
    Michele Wulf-Urbina
    Karl, Karen and Robert Schultz - in kind
    Dr. Jennifer Chuang - in-kind

Bravo $500 +

  • Dominguez Firm
  • Valencia Mitchell
    Steve Nakamura
    Long Beach Alpert Jewish Community Center - Joan Einstein
    Giovanna Estocian - G-Spa Medical Massage, Long Beach
    Dr. And Mrs. Dave and Cynthia Gerhart
    Phyllis Toney-Saunders - in-kind
    Chabad of Los Alamitos, CA
    Richard and Stephanie Gordon
    Ishani Bhoola - in-kind
    Kelly Bocanegra - in-kind

Maestros Legacy Circle:

Applause $250 +

  • Lisa and John Santana
  • Carol Rosenberg
  • Aileen Huynh
  • Christine Baumgartner
  • Jingyeong Park
  • Larry and Donna Halpern
  • Dr. Brenda Jacobs
  • Lisa Moliver Sandler
  • Keith Adkins
  • Donna Chin and Gerard Hanley
  • Sergio Velatti
  • Lisa and John Santana
  • Catetano and Dana Sipin
  • Clifford Kusaba
  • Lisa Chattler
  • Eileen Gelso, The Great Plate
  • Joan and Gary Einstein
  • Rural Wylie - in kind

Musique Lover. $50 +

  • Samantha Prewitt
  • Leo Moore
  • Carla Ganio
  • Joni Lynn Sabas
  • Andrew and Renee Hunt
  • M.T. and D.H. Chen
  • Sally Etcheto
  • Pamela Jetter
  • Andrew Mescon
  • Julie Metz
  • Jennifer Proctor
  • Roger and Patricia Pane
  • Sherril Lynn Hoyt
  • Steve and Brigette Brink
  • Lisa Blake
  • Tony Valdez
  • Carol Harter
  • Staci & Damon Allen
  • Jim DeBaun
  • Gloria Schwartz
  • Steve Hommel
  • Cathy Wyatt
  • Travis Stock-Tucker
  • Matt Coulombe
  • Paul Ingram
  • Lori Anne Ferrari-McCoy
  • Ann and Ray Chavez
  • Louise Nadeau
  • Steve Edwards
  • Paul Ingram
  • Kathleen Dabosh
  • Denise Rainier
  • Jennifer Salbury/Caldwell
  • Sheila Gershwin
  • Cheryl Loofbourrow
  • Elliud and Rebekah Guerra.
  • Dana M. Cannon
  • Cliff Goodrich
  • Cayetano and Dana Sipin
  • Stephen amd Julie McCluney
  • Dean and Laurie Bubion
  • Dave Moody
  • Michael Ranney
  • Mary Doyle
  • Patricia & Roger Pane
  • Lisa Blake
  • Bob Sanders
  • Janet Lewis Aarons
  • Leslie Renee Smith
  • Leslie Landsberg
  • Toni Rios
  • Carla Ganio
  • T. Brookhyser

Rehearsal. $10 +

  • Mary Doyle
  • Nancy Lesney
  • Leah Heit
  • Coco Villalobos
  • Ryan Emerson Baird
  • Carol Harter
  • Lynn Grants
  • Marjorie McConnell
  • Karen Del Leon and Stephen Trueting
  • Michelle Green Wilner
  • Michelle Cook