Musique Sur La Mer

Inspiring excellence, leadership, and community service through music.

Prepared For The Future

Musique Sur La Mer Orchestra programs are prepared for the new season with safe, secure, healthful, social distancing rehearsals and concerts. Should another wave of the virus warrant another “stay safe at home” directive, we are prepared to proceed with remote rehearsals and concerts!  Nothing will stop the music. Music uplifts the soul, lightens the heart, and brings joy to both the performer and the listener.

About Musique Sur La Mer

Musique Sur La Mer Orchestras (MSLMO) has been inspiring excellence, leadership, and community service since 2000. Marcy A. Sudock is the founding director. Maestro Sudock is a violinist, music educator, and conductor of note. The mission to empower musicians, create peace through the international language of music, and community service has worked hand in hand with strong ethics, responsibility, musicality, education, passion and commitment.

MSLMO is based in Long Beach, California and serves children, teens, and adults from both Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

What Students and Parents Say

We are the product of our experiences and there’s no question that my time with you and MSLM had a hugely positive impact on my growth. Thank you!!

- Aishu Venkataraman

Thank you so much, Mrs. Sudock! I would have to say that a lot of my preparation for learning different value systems is credited to the awesome international tours we did as Musique. Thankful for all your wisdom, love, and guidance! We should get a meal sometime

- William S. Hong

Marcy is nothing short of inspirational. Her dedication to her music, her students and her orchestras could not be greater, her networking and leadership are outstanding and throughout she maintains the sunniest personality that I have known. She is a shining example of the love of music in action.

- Anne-Marie Forsyth

You are truly an amazing woman, and i deeply admire and look up to you. Thank you for all the hard work you do, turning all of us into musicians. When i first joined the orchestra, I couldn't stand the cello. However, this past year, you have given me a deep appreciation and love for music. Because of you and your orchestra, you have given us an amazing environment in which we can meet new friends with common interests and passions. You have also given us incredible, prestigious opportunities, and I am very proud to be a part of your orchestra. Thank you again for everything you have done for us, and I look forward to the next years with you.

- Rachel Chung

Thank YOU for all that you do for our children. Jenna had a wonderful time and it was such joy to see all the amazing talent that you have sparked from these young musicians. Also, thank you for also providing yummy snacks for all after the performance. You are amazing and always think of every detail and nuance.

- Diana Cheng

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Become an MSLMO Guild member or increase/renew your membership. The MSLMO Guild provides scholarships for children and teens in the MSLM Youth Programs, including lessons, ensembles, orchestra, and concert tour opportunities, as well as concerts, instruments, events, music, and office supplies.

Your donation is fully tax-deductible. Ethics, Integrity, Education, Inclusion, Diversity, Compassion, Community Service, and Great Music are the hallmarks of Musique Sur La Mer Orchestras since 2000. Thank you. We identify as Musicians.

The MSLM Guild

We are fortunate to be supported by an amazing network of local businesses. One way that you can help is to support the businesses that support Musique!

Visit the MSLM Guild directory to find a local business nearest to you.

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